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Apple Cleaners offers an exclusive, twice a week, pick up and delivery service right to your door. We handle your order from start to finish so that you receive the same exceptional service as you would in store, without the hassle. Let us save you valuable time. Take advantage of this FREE service by giving us a call at (618) 531-0979 for Illinois or (314) 713-5055 for Missouri..

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My Apple Pickup & Delivery Service

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Apple Cleaners is a local family owned business that has been serving the St. Louis area for almost 60 years. We take pride in providing you with exceptional customer care and high quality services.We strive for excellence with our cutting edge technology and Eco-friendly solution. We use the most advanced practices without sacrificing quality or convenience for our customers. Our management team and friendly staff are dedicated to providing a positive experience with us every time you visit one of our many location

General Manager

Stephanie Laws

General Manager

(618) 345-1200

Operations Manager

Uriel Villagran

Operations Manager


FRSTeam Manager

Denita Martin-Rose

FRSTeam Manager

(314) 276-2978

Administrative Assistant

Von Byrd

Administrative Assistant


Route Manager

Mark Taylor

Route Manager


I have used Apple Cleaners for years, I have always liked the service. The clean environment the friendly face that greets me and knows my name. I have now switched to Pickup & Delivery and I love the ease of this service too!

- Greg McFesson

Our Outstanding Service

Apple Cleaners provides exceptional quality service to customers, we strive for perfection. Come and experience the best dry cleaning service in the midwest.

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Local Savings
Smoke & Fire Damage Clothing and textiles that are damaged in a fire require specialized processing to return them to their pre-loss condition.  FRSTeam licensees guarantee the removal of smoke odor, stains and other damage related to the loss.  Should items not restore to their pre-loss condition, there is no charge for them. We offer:
  • On site damage assessment
  • Evaluation of restorability
  • Odor control and elimination
  • Smoke residue and soot removal
  • Long-term, secure storage
Water Damage Items that are damaged by water must be expedited in order to restore them to pre-loss condition.  FRSTeam licensees can respond quickly to any loss site 7 days a week, 365 days a year and preserve those affected items to prevent further damage. We offer:
  • On site damage assessment
  • Restorative drying and stabilization
  • Restorative cleaning
  • Long-term, secure storage
Mold Damage
FRSTeam by Apple Cleaners follow specific procedures to restore fabric items soiled by mold damage. By adhering to three key components, FRSTeam by Apple Cleaners can deliver a superior service during a dangerous loss.

We offer:
Protection of the insured: We only process those items that can be guaranteed as decontaminated. Items that cannot be immersed in a cleaning system may be excluded.
Protection of FRSTeam employees: All employees receive personal protective equipment and the specialized training that goes along with it. Safety protocols are followed to ensure no exposure occurs.
Protection of FRSTeam facilities: All items are packaged for transport in containment bags. Those bags are transported to a containment area where inventory and processing can be done so no cross-contamination occurs.
Large Loss & Catastrophe
With consistent coverage across the country, FRSTeam can leverage its superior licensee facilities to deliver resources to any local, regional or national disaster area.  FRSTeam licensees have mobilized and responded to hurricanes, tornados and wildfires.

When the need is great, it’s comforting to know that you can rely on a brand with experience, local coverage, and the strength of a national organization

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